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Alex Weinle, also known under the pen name Alex Cochran, loves unpredictable, soul-warming books, and his own stories are full of literary allusions and human struggles. Most often his works revolve around possible futures and immersing the reader with the people of those worlds to find out something about ourselves.

Book cover of the Pollutant Speaks, also available in Audio Book

At various times a scientist, a surfer, a code monkey and a journalist, nowadays Alex focuses on crafting and conceiving fiction, with all the pain and joys involved. He has written screenplays for short films Insider (2018), CopyCats (2020) and McPherson's Toys (see IMDB) and short fiction in magazines and anthologies. Alex has an MA in Science Fiction to go with his near-mint-conditon-unused BSc in Astrophysics. He regularly narrates for Tales To Terrify podcast.The Pollutant Speaks is his first novel published under his debut novel published by Bee Orchid Press. ,

Book cover for The Pollutant Speaks science fiction novel.

The POLLUTANT SPEAKS is available from November 17th 2023

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